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Product name : 'oioiooi' Number Blocks
Product composition: 30 wood blocks
Material : Beech (France) + Walnut (USA)
Age of use : +0 years
Size : 250x250x50 mm
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Have a special day for your child with oioiooi!
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4 weeks
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Use oioiooi number blocks to play the four fundametal operations.
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6-2=4 Have a fun number play time with oioiooi!
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oioiooi Numbers play set
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oioiooi number blocks
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● How to Play

You can find numbers and character pairs.
Youcan play arithmetic operations using the arithmetic operation block.
You can use a date block to celebrate a special day.
You can play in a variety of other ways.

● Age of use

Age of 0-3 : Block play, Anniversary photography, Doll play, Matching
3 years of age or older : Learn numbers, the Four fundametal operations, Photos of Anniversaries photos
oioiooi studies for sustainable usability, not toys that children throw away after playing.
From the age of 0 to all ages, you can play according to the development process of children, and you can also use it as an item for the room.

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A picture of using Numbers book and blocks. (@livoong's review photo)
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Using the number blocks to celebrate child's special day.
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The oioiooi Numbers play set be loved overseas.
* We've prepared products that you can enjoy with numeric blocks.
You can choose from the additional configuration below.

+ Additional purchase 1. Numbers Book
17.00 USD > 10.00 USD
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Numbers Book

<Numbers Book Notice>
* Some pages do not contain film paper.
* Coating is done on thick paper to prevent tearing easily.

+ Additional purchase 2. 
10pcs of Number blocks (Numers only) + Eco pouch
50.00 USD > 45.00 USD
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10 pcs Number blocks + Eco pouch
+ Additional purchase 3. 
Numbers book + 10pcs of Number blocks (Numers only) + Eco pouch
67.00 USD > 50.00 USD
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Numbers book + 10pcs of Number blocks (Numers only) + Eco pouch
★ Christmas Gifts Wrapping

You can choose to wrap Christmas gifts during Christmas event.

Please send a warm gift to your precious person.

When : December 3rd - 26th.

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(If you choose Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations and it will be packaged as shown in the picture below. )
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The oioiooi Numbers play set won the SILVER Award at 
Junior Design Award in the United Kingdom.

"Experts gave us a good review of the lovely and clever design."
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WHO: oioiooi – Numbers play set

WHAT: Stylish and educational wooden puzzles from Seoul, Republic of Korea based toy design studio oioiooi
WHY: These 30 piece, number block puzzles made from sustainably sourced wood and packaged in earth friendly paper, delighted our judges who felt they were beautifully crafted, stunning to look at and great fun for children to play with. They loved the fact that the numbers and sweet, painted characters would look wonderful displayed on a shelf as well as being something that would really engage children and get them thinking about numbers and shapes. A truly creative and many layered toy that can be passed down.
● Where you can find oioiooi


*oioiooi is currently exporting to about 100 stores in 24 countries.

For customers who want to purchase from overseas, please check the STOCKISTS on the official website.

● Foreign articles related to oioiooi

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This product is over 3 years old. When using by younger infants, remove small pieces.

Small pieces can be swallowed, so do not put it in your mouth and suck it.

Avoid places where there is a risk of fire.

When stored for a long time in a humid place or at high temperature, deformation such as shrinkage and distortion may occur.

Do not hit or throw.

Since it is composed of small parts, parts may be lost, so keep them in your pocket when not in use.

Due to the nature of natural wood, the difference in color and surface condition is a natural phenomenon.

If there is no defect after opening the product, it cannot be exchanged or returned.


This product contains magnets. If the magnet is swallowed, it can be fatal.

If a magnet is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

Refund / Exchange

The number block is an eco-friendly solid wood block.
Due to the nature of natural wood, differences in color and surface condition are natural.
Since it is a hand-made product, the color may be partially blurry or different.
For the safety of children, the colored part is not coated separately, so the color may come off when immersed in water or rubbed hard.
Ifthere is no defect after opening the product, exchange or refund is not possible.

For product defects, please call oioiooi on the Q&A bulletin board or at 070-7635-0101. (Bring your receipt)

If you apply for A/S after 1 month of purchase, you will be charged a fee.

(*The shape of the pocket may be slightly different.)

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