'nice to michu' Rattle toy

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'nice to michu' Rattle toy - (주)유혜림 디자인 플레이 하우스

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" Hello, nice to meet you, baby.
Thank you for being born. "

We named our rattle with full of love as we thank all the baby for being born.

With the pleasure of meeting a baby for the first time,
we named it 'Nice to Meet You(nice to michu)'.

Not only the design, but also the sound of the rattle,
the size of the baby's hands,
The finishing material, even the corners, 

It was released after a long test for our babies.

accessories product image-S40L1
accessories detail image-S3L4
Michu can be a rat, a bear, a dog, or even a koala.
No one knows.
But it will be the best friend to our babies.
accessories detail image-S3L1
accessories detail image-S3L2
The first experience that babies touch 
is warm texture from wood.
accessories product image-S40L6
oioiooi nice to michu package used an Earth pact paper.
Earth pact is a 100% sugar cane paper made to keep its promise with Earth.
'oioiooi' promises small action for a sustatinable world.
accessories detail image-S40L2
It's the right size for a baby's hand. This is a picture of @ddbling.
accessories detail image-S40L3
★ Christmas Gifts Wrapping

You can choose to wrap Christmas gifts during Christmas event.

Please send a warm gift to your precious person.

When : December 3rd - 26th.
accessories detail image-S46L3
accessories detail image-S46L4
accessories model image-S46L5
accessories product image-S46L6
* Gift wrapping service

We have prepared a gift wrapping service for those who give oioiooi as a gift.
You can choose : Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, and Congrats.

The packaging is made of eco-friendly paper + rosemary (raw leaves) + congratulations (wooden carving).
(When the gift is opened, a pleasant scent of rosemary is delivered.)

Gift wrapping service can be selected from the options. (+3.00 USD)

* Choose your congratulations phrase
(Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, Congrats)
accessories product image-S40L5
(If you choose Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations and it will be packaged as shown in the picture below. )
accessories mustard color image-S46L8
accessories detail image-S46L9
oioiooi Michu rattle is made of pure wood.
Maple wood from France and Walnut wood from the United States.
Just as different people have different skin texture, woods have different unique texture.

There may be a knot in some areas, a pattern of wood, and different colors may vary from area to area.
They are not sliced veneer, but they are made using materials from pure wood, so they cannot all have the same pattern and texture.

oioiooi hopes our babies can experience warm texture through this little toy.

Since they are all made by hands, the darkness of the face, eyes, nose, and mouth can vary slightly.
* Products belows are not defective *

◎ Darkness of eyes, nose, and mouth is different (light or dark).
accessories mustard color image-S40L12
◎ Patterns of the wood itself
(Except around eyes, nose, and mouth, the pattern is not defective.)
accessories product image-S40L13
◎ Wood knots
(The knots are not defective except around the eyes, nose, and mouth.)
accessories product image-S40L14
* Products belows are defective.*
The big wood patterns around the eyes, nose, and mouth are defective.
If you receive the product as below, please contact us with the photo on the official website bulletin board. :)
accessories product image-S40L15
Above images of rattle are defective.

As if the faces of babies were all different,
Michu are made of pure wood so all look different.
accessories product image-S40L16
Stabbed, Knot, Rough wood grain, Dot, Moles, Little gap, etc.

Woods have moles, dot, freckles, and skin color may be uneven.
Michu is a product used by babies, so we don't resell replacement or refund products.
Therefore, it is difficult to exchange or refund a product once sold to you due to change of mind.
Please check this part and purchase it.

Michu are all different.
So it's even more special. ♥
● How to wash oioiooi's wooden toys

- Please avoid washing oioiooi's wooden toys with water.

- In case of foreign substances, wipe it off with a dry cotton towel or moisten a small amount of baby sterilization tissue, oral tissue, toy cleaner, and water, squeeze the water out, and then wipe it along the grain of the wood.

- After wiping, dry it at room temperature in the shade before use.

- Please be careful as the product may be distorted or cracked when it is dried in a heating device, direct sunlight, baby bottle sterilizer, or sterilizer.

- The color of the wood itself may come off when rubbed. It is not a chemical colorant, but the color of natural wood, so no need to worry.

● Countries where oioiooi presents


*oioiooi is currently exporting to over 100 stores in 24 countries.

Customers who want to purchase from overseas, check STOCKISTS on oioiooi's official website.



Weekdays 9:30am - 3:30pm

Closed during lunch time (12:00-1PM), weekends and holidays not available.

We will respond promptly to inquiries on the bulletin board.
Product Name 'nice to michu' Rattle toy
Manufacturer Self-production
Origin Republic of Korea
Retail Price $35.00
Price $35.00
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