oioiooi Rainbow Board is made from Enamel board from Belgium and an eco-friendly MDF (Grade E0), and is finished with Dunn Edwards paint.

Material: Enamel Board (Belgium), MDF (Grade E0)

Size: 590×800

Weight: 3.3 kg

Color: Banana Rainbow, Olive Rainbow

You can draw pictures with a board marker.

It's a staged image. Please hang it on the wall and use it.

The model child is 102cm height. Please refer to the size of the board.

It's better play with Magnet puzzle pcs.


(top)Banana Rainbow, (bottom)Olive Rainbow

*Product images

(top)Banana Rainbow, (bottom)Olive Rainbow

The Banana rainbow has a warm and refreshing feel, and the Olive rainbow has a calm and subtle feel.

Enamel boards are more expensive than conventional whiteboards, and have a uniform ceramic surface coating, which reduces glare due to surface turbulence.
Since the plate is baked with ceramic glaze and baked at 1000 degrees, it does not scratch well compared to other blackboards, and the plate surface reflects light subtly with a semi-matte finish.

*Dunn Edwards Paint
All products EG-FREE & ZERO-VOC pigment, nontoxic paint
-Started using PG in 1983 and received LEED GOLD (Gold Classification of Eco-Friendly Building Certification System).
Of course, the VOC was the first to have an EG-FREE mark attached.
- I am the only paint company that uses PG instead of EG for all products.
(What is PG? Non-toxic solvents used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.)

* If you can't nail the wall,
oioiooi Rainbow Board is a safety certified product for wall hanging.
Please hang it on the wall.
If you inevitably lean against the wall, you can use it standing up after attaching it with an anti-slip silicone pad and Velcro, but if you apply force, you may fall down, so you need to pay special attention to your guardian.
For the plaster wall, please purchase the plaster anchor bolt accessory separately before installing it.

* Frame Strength
The frame is also strongly surface-treated with scratches and erasability, but there is a difference between the erasability and scratch strength of the board.
If you wipe the board marker, it will be erased, but please be careful because the frame may be damaged if you use it frequently.

* Using Board Marker
If you erase it with a magnetic board marker and a board marker eraser than a regular marker, it will erase better.
* Due to the manufacturing method, the color may not fit the line exactly.